Friday, December 2, 2011

Go viral on Facebook Twitter upload Youtube sms cash text message pays each msg! QR enabled

Friends on facebook? Make a quick video
and upload to youtube tweet your followers on twitter
get cash for each text msg! Cashtext
Have a cell phone? Turn it into a cash cow!
Qr enabled scan this Watch this short video
to see how this will go viral. Your chance
 to run with this as cash for texting
just launched last month!
Only 32,000 have started
and over 150 million cellphones in the United States. see short video

Get paid 5 cents for every text message your friends receive and friends friends..
The real money begins when you share this with other people.
When they receive text messages you now get paid for the messages they receive
each person you tell on average you make 7.25 per month on each person.
Now when those people tell their friends you make on average
4 dollars on each person your friends sign up.
Then when these people tell their friends you make 3 dollars per month each one.
This is pretty awesome considering nobody is having to buy anything!
Only the advertisers are paying for your friends to get text messages. sign up free now

Ground breaking Just launched!! FREE way to earn extra cash
Totally Free, Zero risk program!
This is FREE and anyone that has unlimited texting should sign up.
Register FREE Now at
or text the phrase cashtexts 34774 to the number 69302
Pick your categories of texts you would like to see ads and coupons
from .food, clothes, movies..etc. you decide the type of texts you like.
Pick the time range during which you would like to receive the messages.
You can also chose the amount of text messages
if you are on a limited text messaging plan
you get paid for each text from 5 to 7 cents.

This is so easy and you can cancel anytime if you are not happy.
You get paid $7.25 for the month. Not much, right?
Keep reading: You may sign up as many people as you like to do the same.
You make $7.25 per month off of each of them.
You also earn from everybody your referrals sign up 5 levels down.
Bottom Line: 10 people $72.50 per month. 100 People $725.00 per month.
1000 People $7250.00 per month.
Not bad for a free, zero risk program!

Anyone can participate in the affiliate end
though only cellphones in the U.S.A. can receive the text messages.
In the future cellphones in the United Kingdom and Canada
will be added in the near future though if you live outside of these countries.

Don't get discouraged if your not in one of these countries you can still participate
while not directly getting paid text messages on your cellphone
you can still share this on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
Myspace, classified ad sites, Tagged,  create your own blogs
and get your personal links and submit content to search engines
blog about it reach out to the people in the States
over one hundred and fifty million cellphones
it's a huge market and the surface hasn't even begun to be scratched yet.

Once the United Kingdom joins that will be another 65 million cellphones
followed up by Canada another 35 million cellphones.
Get in now and be one of the first ones to spread this in your city
Make a flyer to pass-out everybody wants free money!

You can shorten your personal links using it is the google Url
shortener  pretty cool tool to use with all your links.  Spread the news
in goggle groups and other news groups you can also share on
they have a huge following of 20 million people. Go to facebook and look
for groups you can join and spread the message. But before that register
now for your own unique links so you get paid see short video

Perhaps you know somebody who would like to advertise on this network
You would get 10 % lifetime of the deal not bad for just referring.
Also cash prizes are giving out every week the website updates every 5 minutes
so you can track how fast your sign ups and down lines are forming.

QR-enabled mobile device can scan it and be taken directly to the sign-up page.)

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