Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why do i feel sympathetic with Herman Cain? Strong Debate Former republican front runner Newt the Grinch steals Christmas

Herman Cane former front runner for the republican nomination is in free fall.
Newt Gingrich in debate seems to be gaining those lost votes
as Romney scrambles to stay relevant.  Cain and his famous 999 plan
were taking over the conversation last month.

Until the skeletons from Herman's closet came out
and women saying they had affair with Herman
and whether these accusations be true or not it make you wonder
about the motives of these women to come forward now and sabotage
his political momentum.  You see Herman Cain could have survived this
he was a single man And brushed this off saying he was a bachelor with an open heart.

The political opperatives picked a tough subject to hit cain with
as americans are just getting comfertable in having black leaders
and now they must accept a black leader who has been dominatating
white women might be a pill  too big to swallow.

Still i don't think Cain is getting a fair break with the American people.
Cain would have been better off palling around with terrorists than cheating on his wife..
So why did these women come forward now?  Where they being patriotic warning us
that Cain can lie to everyone? Where they paid off and trying to get big book deals
going into details of how Herman wined and dined them
and took them on business trips all underneath the cloak of his wife?

Isn't it just as much these women s fault as his that they chase after a married man?
It is not like these are teenage girls these are grown women who for whatever
reason wanted to get close to the former "godfather of pizza Mr. Herman Cain
What if Herman Cain and his wife are swingers? If they are then that would explain
some things its unfortunate that Mr Cain would have to confront the American people
with what happens in his private life but now he has no other alternative than
to explain what happened as people and news outlets that's is the only thing they will
talk about in regards to Cain so he has to confront this head on.

Frankly i think this is the reason Herman Cain is considering now his options and even
is it worth the fight of explaining this to the American people and being able to get back
on track with his controversial 999 plan that i have some serious doubts about and
wonder about some of the harm and benefits
it could cause for shoppers and small business.
Doubling the sales tax i think would affect my shopping habits
and many other Americans and in turn this could make it harder
for smaller business to compete and some big corporations to increase layoffs.

I think for Cain to shake this accusations off his back is to stand confident in
the face of adversity and to come up with an even bigger bolder plan then the 999 plan
And to get the public talking about something else other then these sex allegations.

If i was Cain i would say
"I think the American people want a president
that will make America prosperous again
If i can help turn around the country for the better and bring the jobs back
and fix the deficit while bringing the quality of life up for American families
then people wont be so concerned what goes on in my private life."

This was the bill Clinton playbook when they the republicans were trying
to get rid of the president with the Monica Lewinsky allegations..

Cain could continue on saying
"The American people want a president with balls and who is not a quitter
yeah you knocked Cain down but Guess what?
I'm not backing down I'm back up and ready to fight on for the American people"
This election was never about me it is about THE USA and living the American dream."

We as a nation tend to get facinated in petty bedroom politics though
evenly so i think we like leaders that can take a punch and get back up ad swing
as this shows real courage and that they can face adversity i do think cain could
survive this if he keeps up a positive message and dont get into the blame game
of conspiracy and what not.  i do think some things are kinda odd like one of the
women is from Chicago "Hint" Obamas home town.  i think some of these women
are copy cats though the one women Miss white obviosuly something existed thier
Cane called her a friend and said he doubts they are real friends now. 

Im not a republican but im pulling for Cane i dont like to see a man go out like that.
I liked his message and i hope he stays in the race for the long haul.  I also
like Paul but a certain element would never accpet him though he will challenge
in all states.  Ron Paul saying bring the troops home is a strong message and
You cant be like romney and put allot more money into the military then hope to
fix the budget So Paul and Cain seem like the only true minds that could fix the economy.

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