Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Twitter tools review Twiends Just Unfollow find Apps get more followers shout outs and retweets.

Twiends finds followers on twitter.
Twidir is another tool just like Twiends finds non-actives and people 
that wont follow you back all 3 apps are free to use!
And work great together.

Twiends helps twitter users introduce themselves to each other 
looking for new followers and friends. They use an ethical seed program 
to encourage incentives for someone to check your twitter profile. 
When people follow you they earn seeds for being a fan, 
and vica versa when they follow you back. 

You can choose how many seeds you want to give for each follower, 
also when you empty all your seeds you still remain on the list 
so twitter users can still follow you
if they want. 

Twiends helps twitter followers get followers specific to your niche , 
What really impresses me is the amount of time saved when you 
are looking for cool people to follow.  You see their twitter picture 
and it will show the candidates profile when you hover your mouse over them  
it makes it easy for you to decide who you want to be friends with.

What really makes this a great place to be is a lot people will follow you 
just because you are on the site. And of course the thing i like is 
you don't have to pay anything for the basic service.  
They do have an option to purchase extra seeds 
though if you play your cards right that wont be necessary.

I'm going to show you another free twitter service you can
combine with this program that will allow you to find people you followed
that wont follow you back that way each day you can find maybe 50 people to
unfollow then find new followers on twiend so you will have a constant 
fresh supply of seeds. I would unfollow no more than 50 people per day with
this app because twitter doesn't like big churning so this is a safe and steady
way for you to get a bigger following. 

Using just the basic free service of both of these twitter tools 
should be able to quadruple your efforts of getting a bigger following 
and a more responsive list of twitter users.  
Keep in mind it is better to have 10 Great twitter followers 
that will re-tweet and mention you than a 100 unresponsive twitter followers.
That's why you can be selective on twiends 
and find the people that match what you are looking for in your niche.

Another great feature of twiend is you can set your options 
if you want to auto follow back other twienders. You can set it for an
auto-follow back for 24 hours if they stay followed to you or you can set it for 
immediate follow back what this allows you to do 
is follow more people back in one day as twitter sets limits 
to how many people you can follow in contrast to how many people 
are following you.   

If you like Twiends your going to love Twidir 
so if you run out of seeds you have both sites to help you at same time 

I thought in this last section i would share some other twitter tips to help
you become everything you want to be on twitter.

1) When you write an article or leave comments 
always leave your twitter url at the end of each post.

2) If your making a video for youtube show your twitter url in the beginning 
of the video and towards the end of the video.  

3) Add a twitter widget to your blog that shows your recent posts 
and has a follow me button.

4) What ever social site you are using whether it be Facebook, Myspace, Tagged
don't forget to have a follow me on twitter url on your front page.

5) Build up your local followers have your twitter url on business cards, 
pass outs and fliers if you have the space add to classified ad or newspaper
and other print media.

6) Use hash tags more in your tweets # you can be found 
and find what you are looking for easier with hashtags example
#jobs #add me #follow back

7) Stay up to date with current events and tweet about tings that are happening
today often these tweets will get re-tweeted.

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