Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Twitter tools review Twiends Just Unfollow find Apps get more followers shout outs and retweets.

Twiends finds followers on twitter.
Twidir is another tool just like Twiends finds non-actives and people 
that wont follow you back all 3 apps are free to use!
And work great together.

Twiends helps twitter users introduce themselves to each other 
looking for new followers and friends. They use an ethical seed program 
to encourage incentives for someone to check your twitter profile. 
When people follow you they earn seeds for being a fan, 
and vica versa when they follow you back. 

You can choose how many seeds you want to give for each follower, 
also when you empty all your seeds you still remain on the list 
so twitter users can still follow you

Friday, December 2, 2011

Go viral on Facebook Twitter upload Youtube sms cash text message pays each msg! QR enabled

Friends on facebook? Make a quick video
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Have a cell phone? Turn it into a cash cow!
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Only 32,000 have started
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Get paid 5 cents for every text message your friends receive and friends friends..
The real money begins when you share this with other people.
When they receive text messages you now get paid for the messages they receive
each person you tell on average you make 7.25 per month on each person.
Now when those people tell their friends you make on average
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Then when these people tell their friends you make 3 dollars per month each one.
This is pretty awesome considering nobody is having to buy anything!
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