Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Establish Website on Youtube FaceBook groups Twitter Blog Tips Tricks and Tools.

Youtube is the gift that keeps on giving
one of the most common typed words on google.
Facebook has over 2 billion searches
and perhaps the biggest of the 3.
Twitter is being used by all the
Major news outlets and reporters
to get their stories out. 

All three of these social media sites are gold mines
if you have a service or product to offer
maybe you just want to spread an idea.

Facebook was the breeding ground of the middle east protest
it was how the people organized and did meet ups
the Egyptian government realised this at the last moment as Mubarak
attempted to shut down the Internet eventually the power of the tool of facebook
over threw him as the will of the people had an outlet to reach one another.

Youtube is where all the up and coming artists and musicians
show case their work. Many famous bands were found
because they developed a following on their youtube videos.

Youtube videos are the perfect tool
because it enables the viewer to interact with your idea
through visual stimulation and through hearing a message. 

If your articles have a youtube video embedded
they will likely be rated higher in search results from the major search engines. 
Youtube was in the top 10 since 2007 as most visited website on the planet. 
This is a huge market of viewers and you should get a piece of that pie.

Twitter is the newest of the three and has done quite well in capturing
Models and actors and news media to frequently tweet their ideas
Naturally fans come to twitter to hear the news 1st so this is a great
place to break a new idea and to hear it 1st as you get exclusive content
when using twitter.  # this hash mark is used allot in twitter you can use
this # to find out whats going on by following that up with what you are looking for.
the cool thing about twitter is not only can your tweet get picked up by your follower
but anybody on twitter who does a search.  Google had a deal with twitter and twitter
messages were searchable in google search engines from what i heard that will no
longer be happening and that will slow down the growth of twitter to an extent but
still a definite place to be if your wanting to get the word out.

I wrote one article on the occupy protest i type occupy on facebook and you can
literally find an occupy for every city in the united states so i found a huge targeted
market for this article.  You can do the same strategy with your links.  And if
you look on facebook and see no group for your article then that is good you can be
the first one to create the group and perhaps created a niche facebook group page.

One way you can connect all 3 of these major social media websites is by
Opening a free apsense account Click here for free apsense account 
this free tool will let you to network all your different opportunities in one website
It is amazing how many different ways you can promote your business and to brand yourself.

I thought id share with you some of the Facebook groups that i'm in i'm only going to
share some of the biggest ones! These are great places to meet up with fellow bloggers
and to network and learn from each other and to post links back to your site. 1172 members   4300 members 37400 members wow 5049 members <--if you would like to have your own classified ad website for free
you can go directly to this link

Now back to Twitter this can be a goldmine if you can work the delicate balance
of not churning too much.  Churning is when you constantly unfollow and follow
new members how it works is the people that don't follow yo back you dump them
and you follow new people what this allows you to do is be noticed allot more on the
new followers list so in return more people will follow you.

Speaking from experience you don't want to go overboard with this technique
i was doing this to the max on a daily basis and if you do this with celebs
twitter will notice even more.  If your going to use this strategy i would spread
out your unfollowings and give everyone at least 3 days to follow you back
though some slight churning of your people is necessary to keep a steady stream
of new followers coming to you i was getting 400 followers per day though i think
150 per day is decent and is still doable doing the 3 day unfollower plan.
and beware of churning celebs.


  1. Hi TurnRich,

    Great tutorial and interesting article.
    Where or how do you make photos such as the ones in this post?

  2. Hey Malok I found these photos while surfing traffic exchanges they were giving out these tweet photos for free they really caught my eye :)